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The offer

When you want to create a website for your company, you are looking for a professional who will prepare it in the best way possible. Not necessarily because you can't do it yourself. You simply know that he or she will do it better and faster. During this time you can focus on more urgent needs. Likewise with translations.

You can try to translate a document yourself, or localize a website using a ton of dictionaries and Google Translate services, or find a person who will do it for you, leaving you more time to develop other branches of the company, or to simply relax. I am just such a person. I solve problems of people and companies with stacks of documents to translate, such as user manuals, certificates, marketing materials, website content or user interfaces. Thanks to my work they can reach previously inaccessible customers. Don’t hesitate, it is better to focus on what you can do best and give the rest of things into the hands of professionals like me!

About me

I offer translation services of technical, financial and business texts and localization of software and websites from English into Polish. Another branch is proofreading and editing of Polish texts.

I have a master’s degree in philology with the specialization in Applied linguistics of English with translation. You can see me here and there participating in training, courses and conferences. However, I prefer online courses that are more suited to my life pace. I also take an active part in several industry groups, helping other translators in choosing their equipment.

Acquired experience allows me to efficiently help business in landing their products on the Polish market. I use my knowledge and expertise to help to assist local companies in further development. Whether the materials relate to IT, consumer electronics and home appliances or more specialized markets, I conscientiously prepare the translation.

I am especially fond of working with companies that operate in the Intelligent Transport Systems sector. This often includes the translation of contracts, tender documentation, datasheets, manuals and marketing materials. Even though such type of work can be very demanding due to short deadlines, it allows me to see the result on an everyday basis.

Education and courses

Edukacja i kursy


2009 - 2011 - University College of Social Sciences
Field: Philology
Major: Applied Linguistics of English with Translation
The degree awarded: Magister

2006 - 2009 - University of Bielsko-Biała - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Field: Philology
Major: English Philology
The degree awarded: Licencjat

Finished courses

Video Games Localization 104 - Localization Testing (QA) - 04 July 2017

Wprowadzenie do lokalizacji oprogramowania - 24 May 2017

Video Games Localization 103 - Creativity in Video Game Localization - 09 May 2017

Video Games Localization 102 - How to Localize a Video Game: First Steps - 21 April 2017

Video Games Localization 101 - Introduction to Video Game Localization - 04 April 2017

Lokalizacja oprogramowania, stron internetowych i dokumentów technicznych - 22 December 2016

International Financial Reporting Standards - 07 January 2016

Wprowadzenie do tłumaczeń technicznych - 20 September 2015

Zaawansowane funkcje programu Microsoft Word wspomagające pracę tłumacza - 18 November2014

Business English Certificate Higher - 01 March 2009

NArzędzia którymi się posługuję


I currently work with following CAT tools:

- Trados Studio
- MemoQ
- Wordfast PRO
- Memsource

Contact me

Please use the contact form below. I reply to all messages within 24 hours (except for holidays and